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Spangler Law P.C is a veteran Texas intellectual property & brand protection attorney and community leader who has over 17 years of legal experience and a passion for helping businesses grow. At Spangler Law, we understand that you don’t need to be a technology company or an artist or inventor to own intellectual property. If you’re in business, you have intellectual property, and it needs protecting. Perkins Law is here to help you identify your intellectual property assets, protect your assets and make sure you are doing what’s necessary to maintain your IP asset, including enforcing your rights, so your business can grow and thrive on a solid foundation. With Spangler Law and her team behind you, you can be assured that your IP concerns will be handled diligently and effectively.


CASES United States District Court

PA Advisors, LLC v. Google Inc

NOTICE of Attorney Appearance by Andrew Wesley Spangler on behalf of PA Advisors, LLC (Spangler, Andrew)


Case 6:09-cv-00499-LED

Joao Control & Monitoring Systems of Texas, LLC v. Playboy Enterprises, Inc.  et al


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