Firm Overview


gavelAt Spangler Law, we focus primarily on the evaluation and monetization of patents and patent portfolios on behalf of our clients and have developed a national reputation as a "go to" firm for maximizing intellectual property value. Our attorneys have represented clients in well over 200 matters, and as a result of our strategic litigation, licensing, and negotiating tactics, the firm has recovered well over $100 million dollars on behalf of its clients. We believe that your intellectual property assets should produce revenue, regardless of the method used: litigation, license, sale, or transfer. The focus is always the same – turn an intangible asset into tangible profits. Each client is selected carefully and the firm has worked with inventors, start-ups, small businesses and large corporations. There is no set size for a client and no set industry.


As knowledge and technology forces continue to increase, intellectual property, and in particular patents, have become a critical asset to both large companies and individuals. This property is the result of investments in both time and money. Regardless of the method that led to the intellectual property ownership, it is valuable and worth protecting. Only by protecting those assets – by enforcement if necessary – can a client maximize a return on its investment in time and money.


law-chess-strategyKnowing the proper strategy for each client is critical to the success of maximizing value in its intellectual property. At Spangler Law, we have represented single patent holders as well as clients who have a portfolio of patents that they want to not only monetize, but also grow through acquisitions. In addition, some clients have a large number of employees, products and resources such that its intellectual property is a small fraction of the company’s assets. The litigation and licensing strategy to be employed on behalf of each of these types of clients can vary drastically. For some cases, a multi-party case with modest financial goals is appropriate. In other cases, a “bet the company” approach is the best strategic goal for meeting the client's needs. With its prior experience and successes, we are able to analyze end goals to develop the best case strategy for each particular client.


staffingStaffing plays a critical role in the success of any patent monetization program. Using the same litigation team for every single case is often not the most effective policy. At Spangler Law, we custom build a team for our clients using attorneys from all over the country, including California, Texas, Rhode Island, Washington, New York, Delaware, and Michigan. We build teams based on personality matches, location of potential litigation or sources of proof, resources appropriate for the type of case, as well as other factors. These decisions are made to give clients the confidence that the best team will be working to maximize the intellectual property.

Practice Areas

cafc1While Spangler Law provides a full range of litigation, dispute resolution, and counseling services, its primary focus is on patent assertion before district courts as well as the ITC. This allows the flexibility for clients to use the firm’s expertise to maximize litigation enforcement in the hottest locations for patent litigation in the country.

More than Litigation

more-litigation-lgAt Spangler Law, we also believe that our representation should extend beyond merely asserting a patent and therefore, when appropriate, we assist our clients in the strategic evaluation and acquisition of intellectual property to augment a current portfolio. In other situations, the firm will assist clients in the strategic sale of its assets. Accordingly, retention of Spangler Law results in a representation that can extend far beyond simply retaining a standard litigation firm.


location-lg-compassSpangler Law is located in the Eastern District of Texas – one of the key “hot spots” for patent litigation. However, the firm has experience asserting patents in district courts throughout the country, as well as the ITC, and will draw on this experience and knowledge to select the appropriate venue that best serve client needs. Selecting the appropriate venue can drastically impact the monetization of the intellectual property. Whether in district courts across the country or before the ITC (or even both when necessary), Spangler Law brings actions on behalf of clients in the best possible location to meet each client’s goals.